The Wild Atlantic Way has been revealed as the number one most used Instagram hashtag for road trips in Europe.

Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way had more hashtags - 1,373,838! - than any other European road trip and was ranked the fourth most Instagrammed road trip in the world in April 2021 in a study by car insurance company Uswitch.

At the time, Uswitch found that searches for ‘perfect road trip’ rose by 40%, suggesting that people are starting to dream again about traveling. They collated Instagram hashtags for road trips around the globe to reveal the most popular among travelers.

Overall, Europe came out as the continent with the most Instagrammed road trips, with it having eight out of the 20 destinations.

Malin Head in County Donegal is part of the Wild Atlantic Way

Malin Head in County Donegal is part of the Wild Atlantic Way

What is the Wild Atlantic Way?

Spanning 1600 miles (2600 km) in length, the Wild Atlantic Way is one of the longest defined coastal route in the world. It winds its way all along the Irish west coast from the Inishowen Peninsula in the north down to the picturesque town of Kinsale, County Cork, in the south. 

This route from start to finish leaves you amazed by the wonders of nature, the power of the ocean, and the stunning countryside in all its diversity. Rural villages are nestled along the coast as well as ancient monuments and breathtaking scenery is waiting for you behind every bend on the coastal roads.

Discover Connemara while traveling the Wild Atalntic Way

Discover Connemara while traveling the Wild Atalntic Way

The official website for this bucket list road trip describes what you can expect:

"The Wild Atlantic with its unrestrained and untameable tides and storms has continuously been moulding the west coast of Ireland. With a constant meeting of water and land, a deeply indented and wild terrain has emerged with towering cliffs, spellbinding bays, and beaches, mystical islands, always changing and never reaching the end. In the isolation or perhaps expressed in a different way living near and with the Atlantic at your doorstep has ensured that old traditions and the Irish language have been preserved. A trip along the Wild Atlantic Way is also an encounter with the past."

Watch below the top experiences along the Wild Atlantic Way: