Have you always wanted to visit Ireland? Then don't let your age put you off.

Still harboring dreams of visiting Ireland but worried you might be a little too old to make the trip? We say where there's a will there's a way, and here are five ways to vacation in Ireland as a senior.

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Travel during the right time of the day 

Let's face it, you no longer have the energy or stamina you once had, and those red-eye flights while undoubtedly cheaper can cost you days of vacation time as you struggle to adjust to a different time zone. Instead, spend a little more and choose flight times that make the journey a little easier. Mid-morning or early evening flights are best for those of us outside our 20s.

Be realistic about your needs 

Are you less mobile than you once were? Do you tire more easily or does comfort matter more than ever? However, your travel needs and wants have changed over the years now is the time to recognize that. If comfort matters, maybe shorten your trip and upgrade your hotel. If you tire more easily then see less but spend more time at each site? Ask yourself why you're traveling and work backward from there. 

Make it a family trip

If you have Irish ancestry why not make it a family vacation? Bring the kids and grandkids along and show them their family history in person. Not only will it be a hugely bonding experience it will also provide you with much-needed support when it comes to navigating a new country. 

Hire a driver 

Ireland is a small country, with most areas of the country accessible in only a few hours. However, public transport and driving can be tiring, especially in a new place, so why not opt for private tours which offer the services of a driver? See the sights that matter to you in comfort while taking advantage of your driver's local knowledge. 

Plan a bespoke tour

Beat the crowds and the stresses that come from trying to plan your days on the ground by doing the research before you travel. If you know what you want to see and over what time frame, then why not opt for a bespoke tour? Take the stress out of traveling completely by building your own itinerary that removes the impact of other factors. 

Book your trip with a company you trust

There's a huge amount of freedom that comes from booking vacations as an independent traveler. But on the other hand, booking a trip through a company you trust brings with us a sense of security, and a single point of contact for any questions or problems you may have. Did you know that Irish Central can organize your trip to Ireland? Check out our range of available options here, and if you have any questions please reach out. 

Bring your hobbies with you 

Do you love to golf? Are you a huge foodie? Or is culture and history more your bag? Whatever you love to do at home try to do when you travel. Apart from helping restore a sense of routine, it will also provide a whole new way to see Ireland. 

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