Traveling to Ireland in 2019? Here's five travel hacks that will make your vacation easier to plan, meaning you'll have more time to enjoy yourself! 

It's that time of year, when we all start planning our summer vacations. Seeing how far our budget will stretch and how many days off we can get without using up all our annual leave. But once you have the destination decided, there's a whole lot or organising and planning to be done. Which is where we come in, with five travel hacks that will make your Irish vacation easier.

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Make use of the free entertainment 

Ireland is not known as the land of song and storytelling for nothing, so instead of paying for a traditional show in a hotel, head to the nearest bar and enjoy a free session from local musicians. If you can't find what you're looking for, ask behind any bar and you'll be steered in the right direction. 

Stay in one hotel & still see everything 

Unlike the US which is so large you need to fly from one coast to the other, Ireland is small. Very small. You can get from Dublin to Galway (east to west) in two hours by car, which means that you can set up your base anywhere and still head out to explore all four corners of the country. 

Take advantage of the museums and galleries 

Most national museums and galleries are free in Ireland, which means it's a handy way to wile away an afternoon without busting the budget. Just keep in mind that the Guinness Storehouse is not a national musuem. We do however have the Irish Whiskey Musuem, which charges a minimal entry fee and is a lot of fun. Think whiskey tasting and entertaining stories all told by the best guides.

Follow the stars

Not 100% sure on what you want to see while in Ireland? Then why not follow the stars, literally! From Star Wars to Games of Thrones and dozens of movies in between, Ireland is basically like a movie set. So whether you want to visit the Skelligs because you're a Star Wars fan or you want to head north to experience your own Titanic moment, Ireland has it all.  Just don't forget about The Quiet Man. 

Step outside your comfort zone

While it's true of all travel that to truly see a place you need to walk with the locals, this is especially true in Ireland. So while in Dublin make time to take in a ghost tour or a bay cruise to see the city in a whole different way. Likewise, while down south turn away from the Wild Atlantic Way and take a jaunt to the nearby Blarney Stone or head to the Aran Islands to see Ireland like never before.

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