Ireland isn't exactly renowned for its beautiful weather - but when the sun is out there are few places more glorious. Here are five of our favorite things to do in Ireland when the weather is on your side. 

Get the shorts on and the sun cream out! Ireland is a delight when the sun is shining and offers up a range of incredible activities that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with the place.

Here are a few of our favorite activities to do in sunny Ireland: 

Go for a cycle

Cycling is extremely popular in Ireland. Whether it's your preferred method of transportation, or you just love a leisurely cycle, there'll be something for you in Ireland.

There are many who would be of the opinion that the best way to see Ireland is by bike. Clean air, quiet roads, and stunning views are all guaranteed should you take a trip through the country by bike.

Cyclists will be happy to know Ireland has a plethora of amazing cycling tours which are guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

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A couple of cyclists enjoy the Great Western Greenway.

A couple of cyclists enjoy the Great Western Greenway.

Take a trip out to Howth

Howth Harbor is located on the north side of Dublin, and will very quickly become one of your favorite little villages you've ever seen. The village (located at the base of a massive hill) is usually very busy when the sun is out, which adds to the friendly and laid back atmosphere.

You won't struggle to find some great food options that you can nibble on while you take a stroll down the pier.

Those of you feeling a little bit more adventurous can take the Howth Safari Tour, which guides visitors through the incredible nature that can be found on Howth Hill. 

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Head to the Aran Islands 

As an island nation, we love islands! There are plenty of islands of varying sizes dotted around the Irish coastline, none more impressive than the Aran Islands. Located off the west coast of Ireland, the islands are a portal into the Ireland of old and have managed to maintain the old-world charm that is often associated with the country.

The Aran Islands are particularly beautiful when the sun is shining, and offer up some incredible views. Stunning sunsets are guaranteed. 

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Golf, Golf, Golf

Simply put, Ireland is one of the planet's premier destinations when it comes to the game of golf. All four corners and provinces in the country are filled to the brim with top-level golf courses and attract thousands of visitors every year for a game.

You may have heard that even Donald Trump himself owns a course in Doonbeg. When the sun is out you can be guaranteed a great game of golf in Ireland. 

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Head to a food market

Ireland is renowned for its fresh produce, and every summer hundreds of food markets pop up around the country. Fruit and veg, top quality meats, and delicious treats are readily available at these markets and are sure to get you salivating!

There are few things in life more enjoyable than walking around an Irish food market, ice cream in hand, and just enjoying the tastes and smells of fresh Irish produce. 

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