A review of the international airports in the US has shown that cheap flights to Ireland win out in a lot of US states.

Cheap flights to Ireland are not just consigned to those on the east coast of the US, as new data from travel website Kayak has proven. In fact, there are ten US states, many of them in the midwest, that offer Dublin as the cheapest destination out of all other cities in Europe.

Kayak recently created a state-by-state account of the cheapest flights available to Europe and while Reykjavik in Iceland came out on top, Dublin was a very successful second with everywhere from North Dakota to North Carolina offering cheap fares to Ireland’s capital.

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Here's the Cheapest Flight to #Europe from Every U.S State via @Thrillist Travelhttps://t.co/4vBvtUBV0O #ttot pic.twitter.com/8lD0eXOdbU

— AlphaHolidayLettings (@AlphaHolidayLet) April 18, 2018

The total number of states that count Dublin as their cheapest European destination are:

  • Louisiana $732
  • Mississippi $732
  • Montana $797
  • Nebraska $864
  • North Carolina $665
  • North Dakota $822
  • South Dakota $864
  • Tennessee $771
  • Virginia $793
  • Wyoming $822

It should also be taken into account that in many other states, flights to Ireland will be offered at cheaper rates than even those shown above but they were not the cheapest flights available to Europe from that particular place.

The data was compiled by looking at the US’s 62 international airports and comparing the average fares to each European city from that airport. Dublin came out on top in 15 out of the 62 airports in total, again losing out to Reykjavik.

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When you find cheap flights, take em! #Travel #Ireland #Summer2018 pic.twitter.com/18lbfuUvEZ

— Greg (@Lagunafish12) May 16, 2018

Reykjavik is also notoriously expensive, however, so while it may be tempting to make good use of the cheap flights to the Icelandic capital, it could be worth your while to also take advantage of the cheap flights from there to Ireland offered by WOW Air. Many who travel to Ireland now use Reykjavik as a handy layover because it makes fares to Ireland remarkably cheap and easy.

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Kayak also recommends that you look to book a European trip at least six months in advance to make the most of the best deals, so if you get started on planning that trip to Ireland now, you’d be perfectly in time for a visit around Halloween and all of the great Irish festivals that take place for the spooky holiday.

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