Have you ever watched the céilí scene from the movie "Titanic" and wished that you could pass the time on a long journey just like Jack and Rose with a good session and a stomping dance?

Well, what was stopping you? We might have moved on from week-long ship journeys across the Atlantic Ocean to several-hour transatlantic flights, but that didn’t stop this group of merrymakers from taking advantage of their traveling time to belt out a few tunes and spin a few sets.

A rip-roaring session exploded on a recent Aer Lingus plane midflight and even a member of the cabin crew decided to take the time to show off her Irish set-dancing skills.

The impromptu performance started off as the musicians took to their instruments and cabin crew member Orla O’Brien got to her feet, grabbed a partner, and made the most of the lively music.

Not your typical in-flight entertainment!

* Originally published in Oct 2016.