A Mayo tourism board has released a stunning video celebrating the beauty of the western Irish county in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and delivers a stirring message of hope, saying "we'll see you again." 

Directed by Lorcan Hynes, Oceans Apart explores themes of historical emigration from Mayo and connection during the COVID-19 lockdown and the short film offers a message of hope and resilience during the global health emergency. 

The film, put together by Mayo.ie, features beautiful shots of the Mayo countryside and audio snippets from Mayo ex-pats around the world who are missing home during quarantine. 

The poignant film references the Famine of the 19th Century and economic devastation that caused generations of Mayo natives to emigrate from the West of Ireland. 

"We've been here before," the film's narrator says. "Cut adrift in the storm." 

The audio snippets give a real sense of how much the county means to people around the world - and how much they are missing it now that they can't travel home. 

The film also includes clips of Mayo's frontline workers doing courageous work in the fight against COVID-19. 

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Connection is a central theme of the emotional film and it showcases how families old and young are staying in touch during quarantine. 

The film references the building of Knock Airport, which connected Mayo to the rest of the world, as a source of inspiration during these difficult times. . 

"They said it couldn't happen, that it couldn't be done, but it was done. Home is never closer than it is now." 

The film shows a number of families connecting over video calls and offers a hopeful message to families separated by the lockdown. 

"You're never as far away as you think you are.

"We might be staying apart, but it brings us together in spirit." 

As if it couldn't get any more stirring, the film finishes on an overwhelmingly uplifting note. 

"We've been here before, and when the storm settles - and it will settle - we'll see you again." 

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