Shannon Airport in Co Clare, Ireland has lifted the 100ml restriction on liquids that are taken on board flights.

The restriction on liquids of more than 100ml no longer applies for outbound passengers at Shannon Airport, and passengers can travel with larger quantities of liquids as long as they fit into a cabin bag.

Passengers can now take liquids, gels, pastes, lotions, and cosmetics in containers of any size through the passenger security point at Shannon Airport as long as it is safely contained within hand luggage.

The liquid containers must be resealable containers and they must be carried within hand luggage. The containers must be shown to security screening officers if they request so.

Shannon Airport does note that not all airports have lifted the limitations on liquids: “Please note that if you are entering another airport as part of your trip such as a transit transfer airport or on a return flight, the old liquid restrictions of only bringing containers of 100mls or less of liquids, gels, pastes, lotions, and cosmetics through the passenger security screening points at all other EU airports may still apply to you on that later part of your travel journey.  Check the liquid requirements locally at each airport.”

In 2006, the European Commission adopted the restrictions on liquids being brought on planes after a terrorist plot to blow up aircraft while in flight using homemade explosives was thwarted. This ban was envisaged as a temporary restriction to be lifted when suitable technology to screen liquids for explosives became readily available.

Shannon Airport has been able to remove the restrictions on liquids thanks to a new security system that was unveiled in October that is expected to cut passenger security screening time in half.

"The new high-tech security screening system makes the removal of laptops and liquids from cabin bags a thing of the past and combined with the latest technologically advanced security scanning equipment, it reduces touchpoints, and will make the passenger journey through security quicker and easier," Shannon Airport said at the time.

John Francis, Shannon Airport Security Manager said in October: “Our new security screening facility is a fantastic innovation and is the latest enhancement to the passenger journey at Shannon.

"For our customers, it means a quick, smoother, and easier experience. This, along with our combined USA TSA and Europe security screening, gives Shannon a unique edge over other airports internationally and lives up to our brand promise to make our airport experience even easier."

Our new security screening area makes it as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Get excited that you are going away. 👏
2. Leave everything in your carry on bag, no need to take anything out! 😃
3. Breeze through our new high tech screening area and enjoy some shopping at duty free.

— Shannon Airport (@ShannonAirport) October 20, 2021

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