There’s a big trend for gopro and drone footage these days, but we think you’ll agree this one is really special. While out having some fun with a rubber ring, a speed boat and a drone camera off the coast of Donegal, these folks caught some incredible footage of 40 to 50 dolphins frolicking in the waves.

The folks from Eye in the Sky posted this footage taken off Malin Head in County Donegal. The video shows the pod of dolphins racing beside the speed boat and playing, darting back and forth with each other like excited puppies.

On YouTube they wrote:

“I was out on my friend's boat in Malin Head Co. Donegal to mess about on a rubber ring when a pod of Dolphins came cruising alongside to check us out. You can only see a small number of them but there was between 40-50 Dolphins in the pod. Managed to get my drone over them for a close up. Amazing experience.”

Dolphins are probably a species that you would more readily associate with warmer climates like Florida but, according to the group Shannon Dolphins, the bottle nose dolphin is familiar and abundant in Ireland’s waters. In fact, it’s just one of 24 species of cetacean (whales, dolphins and porpoise) recorded in Irish waters. Of course, we have our resident dolphin Fungie, but it seems to us that more and more up close and personal encounters with these beasts are being recorded.

Move over Sea World!

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