Phibsborough on the northside of Dublin’s City Centre has been named amongst the 40 coolest neighborhoods in the world by Time Out magazine.

Time Out says it selected the 40 coolest neighborhoods in the world “based on the opinions of locals: the 38,000-plus city-dwellers who answered our annual Time Out Index survey, telling us which bits of their city they loved. 

“And once again, we’ve consulted our global network of Time Out editors and experts to weigh up the candidates and make the call on their city’s number one hotspot.”

The magazine noted that given the strange times of 2020, they put a special emphasis on awarding neighborhoods where it's "cool to be kind."

Ultimately Phibsborough in Dublin landed in the 27th spot amongst the top 40 - it was bookended by Wynwood in Miami in 26th place, and Nørrebro in Copenhagen in 28th place. Esquerra de l’Eixample in Barcelona claimed the top spot on the list.

Here’s what Amy O’Connor, writing for Time Out, had to say about this northside Dublin gem:

“After being knocked from its perch by neighboring Stoneybatter last year, Phibsboro is back on top in 2020 – and with good reason. While the pandemic has hollowed out parts of Dublin city center, this northside area has valiantly weathered these truly bizarre times.

“Combining old-school charm and contemporary buzz, Phibsboro feels at once lived-in and lively. Locals are spoilt for choice with an abundance of coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs right on their doorstep. Neighborhood café Bang Bang is a one-stop-shop for brunch burgers and political tote bags. Sports bar The Back Page serves pizzas named after some of Ireland’s greatest athletes, while Victorian boozer The Hut slings ‘pints of plain’ (Guinness) by the armful.

“What sets the area apart, however, are the local fixtures that are so quintessentially Phibsboro: the Bohemians FC murals, the snooker halls, the punk collectives, the brutalist behemoth that is Phibsboro Shopping Centre. If you’re looking for signs that Dublin’s heart is still beating, look no further than this brilliantly unhurried, unvarnished part of town.”

You can take an aerial look at Phibsboro here:

James Manning, Time Out Media’s Global Editor, said: "We're excited to have Phibsboro back in the list, back on top after being toppled last year by Stoneybatter!

"For 2020’s cool-to-be-kind list, we felt Phibsboro had the edge: not only is the area full of great coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs, but its community spirit shines through, and residents have been fiercely supporting its local institutions through these tough times."

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