The Northern Lights turned Ireland a fantastic shade of green earlier this week after the famous lights danced their way down south from the Arctic Circle.

The aurora borealis, as the Northern Lights are scientifically known, are usually only seen in the far north of the globe but sporadically make their way south when a burst of energy from the south causes particles and various gases to collide and accelerate far beyond their normal range.

At their furthest south the lights have even been spotted in New Orleans but last night they were particularly visible for those people lucky to live in rural areas where the sky is clear of pollution. 

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Earlier this year the lights were spotted in the province of Ulster - Ireland’s most northerly counties - but in September they were red; earlier this week, however, the lights enthralled thousands as they lit up the Emerald Isle in an appropriately green colored tinge.

Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think!

H/T: Irish Post

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