Some people just can’t get enough of Ireland, and for New York couple Wilma and Daniel Kehoe, that’s certainly been the case.

CIE Tours has generously given Wilma and Daniel Kehoe a free holiday in honor of their 21st trip to Ireland and 55th wedding anniversary.

The Kehoes first picked Ireland when Daniel, a retired chemistry professor, wanted to find out more about his ancestry. Not only did Daniel find that his grandparents were from Silvermines, Co. Tipperary and Roscommon, the Kehoes also discovered that they felt right at home in Ireland.

They have since taken 19 more trips to Ireland, enjoying everything from the breathtaking sights to studying Irish language.

Wilma and Daniel explained “What attracts us back every time is the sense of culture, history, beautiful scenery, family connections and the happiness that each tour has brought,” adding that, “we are still as excited as our first visit back in 2001.”

Willie Montano, Vice President of Marketing for CIE Tours, said “The growth and success of CIE Tours comes from clients like the Kehoes, they are ambassadors to companies like ours and we value clients like them.”

The Kehoes enthused that “The Ring of Kerry, Connemara and Donegal,” are among their favorite destinations and that, “this year we are taking in the Explorer tour which takes in the Ulster Folk Park, Donegal, Galway, Killarney and finishing with two nights in Dublin.”

“We have been back so many times that the tour guides know us well and always give us a great welcome,” they added.

The Kehoe’s travel agent, Brian Claeys, explained that, “I will send clients all over the world but it seems Ireland is the place people want to visit over and over.”