You can now book an Irish getaway at the Wicklow Head Lighthouse

The Wicklow Head Lighthouse on Airbnb makes for a dreamy vacation rental in Ireland unlike any other.

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Available for booking on Airbnb via the Irish Landmark Trust, the Wicklow Head Lighthouse may be the perfect coastal escape.

The Wicklow Head Lighthouse (Airbnb)

The Wicklow Head Lighthouse (Airbnb)

The Irish Landmark Trust, a non-profit organization, has been taking on unique Irish properties, preserving them, and making some available for self-catering rentals for nearly three decades.

The Lighthouse, first built in 1781, is located on Dunbur Head in Co Wicklow, less than an hour’s drive from bustling Dublin City. Wicklow Town, shops, and restaurants are just 5km (3 miles) away.

Views from The Wicklow Head Lighthouse (Airbnb)

Views from The Wicklow Head Lighthouse (Airbnb)

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Other popular nearby attractions include Glendalough, Powerscourt Waterfall, scenic walking trails and, of course, beaches.

On Airbnb, the Wicklow Lighthouse is described as “a peace seeker's haven with inspiring and refreshing views of the Irish Sea.”

“The landscape and scenery surrounding the lighthouse provide a perfect backdrop for a unique and memorable break.”

Inside of The Wicklow Head Lighthouse (Airbnb)

Inside of The Wicklow Head Lighthouse (Airbnb)

“The Lighthouse has six octagonal rooms carefully constructed in the void that existed within the tower when it was first taken on by Irish Landmark.”

“The arched windows set into walls which are a meter or more thick offer stunning views out to the Irish Sea and the surrounding countryside: all making this property a most unique place to stay.”

History buffs and fans of architecture will delight at this totally unique listing on Airbnb, which can house up to four guests at once.

Bedroom in The Wicklow Head Lighthouse (Airbnb)

Bedroom in The Wicklow Head Lighthouse (Airbnb)

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Two double bedrooms boast stunning 360-degree views of the Irish Sea, which surrounds this impressive property on three sides.

While the property is family-friendly, visitors with children, elderly people, or people with disabilities should be aware that the kitchen is atop a 109-step climb, and certain areas of inside the lighthouse have low clearance and uneven levels.

Get a better glimpse of Wicklow Head Lighthouse here:

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* Originally published on Feb 27, 2019.