Traveling as a senior should be as much as backpacking in your 20s, it just requires some additional planning. Here are four places to visit in Ireland if you're a senior traveler. 

If you're worried that traveling to Europe as a senior is much to take on, we say book your flights right now! Sure traveling as a senior is a different experience, but it's no less exciting and should be treated as such. With some prior planning and itinerary research, it's possible to see all of Ireland without overexerting yourself. 

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Glendalough and the Wicklow mountains 

Dublin is a city, which means it can be tiring, even if all you're doing is trying to get around. So, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head south to Glendalough and the Wicklow mountains. Glendalough was originally a monastic settlement and maintains the relaxed vibe you'd expect. But, it's also full of walks and hikes suitable for all fitness levels. Meaning you can sit and soak up the atmosphere or head off into the hills and explore. Likewise, Wicklow is home to little villages like Enniskerry and Avoca which are perfect to potter around before sitting in a cafe and letting it all sink in. 

The Aran Islands 

The Aran Islands are located off the west coast of Ireland and are accessible by ferry and plane. But for senior travelers, we say take a cruise around the islands and under the Cliffs of Moher. You'll get a unique view on one of the country's most recognizable attractions while also visiting an island where the way of life is notoriously laid back. 


If you book a bespoke tour then you can visit wherever you want, however you want. Ireland is a small country, with most places easily accessible by car. So, be realistic about your capabilities and look into booking a bespoke tour. From multi-day to attraction-led; there are tours to suit every budget and interest and it means you'll get the best from your vacation without sacrificing time, money or your health. 


Often ignored as a tourist destination by those visiting southern Ireland, Belfast is less than two hours from Dublin and a hive of history, culture, and experiences. Best of all it's a walking city, meaning everything is located within close proximity to one another. From the Titanic museum to the murals associated with The Troubles, everything is steeped in history. We say opt for a Black Cab tour, which sees local tour guides bring you to all the important sites while you sit in the back of an infamous black cab. A lot of fun and an easy way to see the city. 

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