The craic is sure to be 90 when these lads arrive stateside! 

Ten lads in Ireland got a jump on their birthday celebrations back in 2015 when they decided to pool their funds for a 40th “birthday party to end all parties" this year.

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Speaking with TodayFM in Ireland, Ian, one of the group’s ringleaders, told hosts Dermot and Dave that he was inspired when a friend’s wife was part of a similar scheme.

The idea? Each person deposits into a shared bank account monthly over the following five years in order to cash out for the vacation of a lifetime.

With their 40th birthdays looming, Ian got the ball rolling and“everyone jumped on board straight away."

The group agreed upon €50 a month deposit - no small chunk of change! - ending in December 2019.

Impressively, all the lads remained dedicated, including one who was receiving unemployment for a year, resulting in a handsome €30k to spend on their birthday celebrations.

These lads are heading stateside after saving for 5 years! (@The_2020_Vision_, Instagram)

These lads are heading stateside after saving for 5 years! (@The_2020_Vision_, Instagram)

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With the money raised, the task at hand soon became where to go. While a trip to India and an InterRail tour around Europe were considered, the lads ultimately decided on a trip to the US with stops in Tampa, Cocoa Beach, and Miami in Florida, and New Orleans in Louisiana.

Ian, who said most the group plays some kind of instrument, noted “New Orleans is a place we’ve always wanted to go. When we’re over there, we’re going to buy a guitar and have a bit of craic.”

With their trip scheduled to kick off on March 3, the lads have set up an Instagram account called @The_2020_Vision_ where everyone can follow along.

Commenters are hailing the birthday trip as brilliant, wishing the gang luck in their travels, and one commenter even predicts it to be “a real life Hangover movie.”

You can listen to Ian discuss his upcoming American travels with Today FM.

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