The 1974 film 'Ireland in a Horse Drawn Caravan' highlights the many unique experiences that await tourists when they travel through Ireland in a horse-drawn barrel-top caravan. 

In the short Irish film available to stream for free on the Irish Flim Institute's IFI Player, three young holiday-makers embark on their leisurely journey around Ireland, letting the viewer experience the country the way it should be, at a slow and gentle pace.

Whether it’s cooking over an open fire, stopping for a pint, or a sing-song in a traditional Irish pub, tourists can enjoy a holiday clip-clopping along at their own pace. Just don’t forget to feed your horse.

'Ireland in a Horse Drawn Caravan' is a part of the IFI's Bord Fáilte Film Collection and is published with the kind permission of Fáilte Ireland.

About the Bord Fáilte Film Collection at the Irish Film Institute

Some of the largest collections held by the IFI Irish Film Archive come from Government departments and State and semi-state bodies. Apart from their educational and entertainment value in a country that did not have its own television station until 1961, these state-sponsored produced films are noteworthy not only for their high production values and interesting content, but also for the calibre of those involved in their creation. 

Luminaries of the Irish acting world would often make appearances, and at a time when the Irish film industry was underdeveloped and opportunities for technical training were limited, important figures such as Louis Marcus, Bob Monks, Colm Ó Laoghaire, George Fleischmann, Gerard Healy, and Rex Roberts all found gainful employment in their production.

Films made for Bord Fáilte provide not only a beautiful record of Ireland’s landscape and topography throughout the 20th century, but also serve to illustrate the development of the Irish tourist industry and the image that ‘brand’ Ireland was endeavouring to project, as it marketed itself as an international tourist destination.

'Ireland in a Horse Drawn Caravan' is published here with thanks to the Irish Film Institute (IFI). You can find all IrishCentral articles and videos from the IFI here.

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*Originally published in July 2021. Updated in July 2023.