A "secret" waterfall in County Donegal has gone viral on social media after being posted on an Irish travel Instagram account. 

Glenevin Waterfall, which can be found in Clonmany, County Donegal, boasts spectacular views and is the ideal private swimming location. 

Travel account Irish Explorer recently posted a video of the stunning waterfall on Instagram, receiving more than 42,000 views and 1,300 likes. 

The video was posted on Thursday alongside the caption "Secret waterfall swim spot in Donegal."

The short video shows a woman diving into a small secluded pool beneath the waterfall, capturing the spectacular natural beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding forest. 

Glenevin Waterfall is about an hour's drive from Donegal Town and has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. The 30-foot waterfall is reached by a ramble through the scenic Glenevin Valley, which takes viewers on a safe and moderate walk with breathtaking surroundings.

Glenevin Valley, often referred to as the "Valley of the Little Waterfalls," is a lush and unspoiled glacial valley located in the northern part of County Donegal. 

The valley is a sanctuary for biodiversity, with its pristine streams, ancient woodlands, and rich flora and fauna. It is home to a variety of native plant and animal species, including otters, red squirrels, and a multitude of birdlife. As you wander through the valley, you'll be enveloped in the soothing sounds of flowing water, birdsong, and the gentle rustling of leaves—an auditory symphony of nature's finest.

The area features plenty of newly installed picnic areas, making it the perfect location for a family day out. 

Footbridges and stepping-stones are also littered along the route, allowing walkers to cross the many streams and rivers. 

Several fairy doors also line the route leading to the waterfall. 

The walk takes about 45 minutes to complete and is ideal for anyone looking for a relaxing afternoon activity in Donegal. 

Followers of the Irish Explorer Instagram account described the waterfall as "stunning."