Always wanted to visit Dublin for Christmas, New Year’s or St. Patrick’s day? Not to worry - a Dublin-based filmmaker spent four months capturing Dublin on film and condensing it into a jam-packed four-minute video.

Ammar Saleh is a filmmaker from Kuwait studying film in Dublin Business School. He captured four months from December 2014 - March 2015 in the life of Ireland’s capital and, in his first impressive time-lapse video, showcases the heart of Dublin.

The short video mixes the fast-paced modern vibe of Dublin with the stalwart features we all know and love, in an exciting tribute to a city that mixes the new and old perfectly.

It may not be the same as being there but it certainly comes close.


* Originally published in 2015.


Dublin's iconic figures stand watch over the city's busy streets. Ammar Saleh / YouTube