Donegal may be known for beautiful drives along its stunning coastline, but there is an even better way to discover the county's majestic beauty. 

Flying from Dublin to Donegal Airport in the north of the county offers a stunning bird's eye view of the Donegal coastline and is an unforgettable experience for anyone who takes the flight. 

Passengers sitting on either side of the 72-seater Aer Lingus aircraft will be greeted with jaw-dropping views of the Donegal countryside on the approach to Carrickfinn, but passengers seated on the left-hand side of the plane will be in for a real treat. 

Those seated on the left of the plane will have the chance to see unrivaled views of Ireland's stunning northwest coast, including views of Mullaghderg Beach and Carrickfinn Beach among many other vistas. 

It is a view that simply needs to be seen to be believed. Photographs, although stunning, do not do it the justice it deserves. 

On approach to Donegal Airport. Credit: Shane O'Brien

On approach to Donegal Airport. Credit: Shane O'Brien

It is a unique flight and it is hardly surprising that Donegal Airport has been named the most scenic landing location in the world for three years running. 

3 in a row!! Management and staff are delighted to have Donegal Airport as the No1 most scenic airport in the world...

Posted by Donegal Airport on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Even the runway, which runs parallel to Carrickfinn Beach, offers a landing experience that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world. The runway has a length of 4,921 feet and is suitable for small props, small jets, and regional airliners

Aside from offering spectacular views of Ireland's coastline and countryside, the flight is also ideal for tourists who are not keen on the four-hour drive from Dublin to north Donegal. 

The twice-daily Aer Lingus flight, operated by Emerald Airlines, takes just 45 minutes and is perfect for anyone who wants to visit Donegal from Dublin without the hassle or stress of driving there (while enjoying spectacular views). It also gives people more time to experience one of Ireland's most scenic counties. 

I had the pleasure of flying to Donegal Airport en route to taking part in the newly-established Donegal Camino - an annual series of hikes around the county that aims to raise funds for Cancer Care West. I could not recommend the flight - nor the Donegal Camino - highly enough.