Here's one for the bucket list: leaping from a 30-foot cliff into the North Atlantic.

CNN Travel has given "coasteering" the thumbs up. The activity, first invented in Wales, involves cliff-climbing, caving (spelunking/potholing), leaping from extreme heights, and swimming in the sea.

Coasteering has become popular in Ireland, as it's considered a lot safer and less extreme than on other coastlines. Still - avoiding impact with rocks, hypothermia, and drowning is all considered part of the "fun" for these dare-devils.

The activity costs around $60 per person, which included the aide of a local guide, a warm wetsuit, safety helmet, protective gloves, water shoes, and a life jacket.

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After braving the experience, CNN Travel's Blake Snow said, "It's a fantastic way to not only see the country's famous cliffs and shorelines in a new light but to gain a new appreciation for an often-hostile environment."

The activity is most popular in Counties Cork, Kerry, Clare, Galway, and Donegal - there are currently over 20 guiding companies providing coasteering tours off these rugged coastlines.

As for Sligo, where big-wave surfing is on the agenda for many tourists, North West Coasteering also offers a further thrill. As Snow noted, you could do a coasteering trip in Sligo every week of the year and never experience the same tour twice.

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