Ireland's capital is one of the most desired cities in the world for ex-pats seeking to move abroad, according to a new study.

Holiday rental booking portal Holidu has conducted a study to reveal the most popular cities to live in abroad.

By analyzing global search data for common phrases typically used when researching living abroad, the researchers compiled both a European and world ranking of the most searched for cities.

So which cities are the most desired by digital nomads and prospective ex-pats?

Dublin ranked second in both the world and European rankings with 17,570 average global monthly searches.

Holidu writes: "Known as a city with buzzing nightlife and an abundance of job opportunities, Dublin is a melting pot for ex-pats, not only coming from Europe but around the world. With the lure of larger companies including Google, Facebook, PayPal and even TikTok, it is no surprise there are so many people looking to move to Dublin.

"With so much to do and see and explore, from Irish pubs to its rich history, why not check out Dublin on your next workation? Who knows, you may just end up wanting to stay!"

Dublin came in behind Edinburgh in Scotland, the most desired city with 20,600 average global monthly searches, and ahead of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, with 13,200 average global monthly searches. Barcelona and London round out the top five. The complete top 10 list is below.

The top 10 most desired cities for ex-pats:

1. Edinburgh, United Kingdom – 20,600 average global monthly searches
2. Dublin, Ireland – 17,570 average global monthly searches
3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 13,200 average global monthly searches
4. Barcelona, Spain – 12,000 average global monthly searches
5. London, United Kingdom – 10,650 average global monthly searches
6. Singapore, Singapore – 8,700 average global monthly searches
7. Miami, United States – 7,800 average global monthly searches
8. New York, United States – 7,550 average global monthly searches
9. Boston, United States – 6,200 average global monthly searches
10. Hong Kong, Hong Kong – 5,800 average global monthly searches

To view the complete report, visit the Holidu website.