County Donegal, the coolest place on the planet, has been named as the best place in the world to kayak

It’s news that won’t surprise many locals, kayakers have been flocking to visit a small uninhabited island two and a half miles off the coast of Co. Donegal.

Surrounded by the much more famous Gola Island – which was evacuated in the 1960s – the island has no fresh water and is home only breeding seabirds whose squawks are ever present in summer time.

Among the most unusual views I’ve had from a kayak: on the other side of a reef a boat rises high on #Donegal swell.

— MountainCoastRiver (@david_gange) March 31, 2017

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There is no ferry service to Umfin Island (or ‘Iompainn’ in Donegal’s native Irish) and the only other way to get there, other than swimming, is by kayaking.

Local adventurer Iain Miller has been taking kayakers to the island for years, but it’s not for beginners. The temperamental Atlantic has to be calm for people to paddle through it and those who don’t like the dark might also want to give it a misss: kayakers pass through a 43-yard stretch of pitch darkness before appearing on the other side.

The reward is breathtaking views of the Donegal coastline, the surrounding wildlife and an island nearly untouched by man.

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Watch the video and see for yourself!

Have you ever been kayaking in Ireland? Where's the best spot you would recommend?