See how this young Irish man explores Ireland in a beautiful and fun video showcasing Ireland's counties

Do you recall those lovely Tourism Ireland videos from a few years ago that encouraged potential visitors to take the leap, book a trip, and “jump into Ireland”?

It looks like one Irish lad, Brian Cashin, took that call to action VERY literally.

Cashin, from Co. Carlow, has been living in Canada with his fiancée, Hazel, for the past two years. When they returned to Ireland, they realized there’s so much of the country they had never seen, so they decided to do some exploring.

Around the same time, Brian spontaneously captured a heel-click using the slow motion feature on his iPhone camera. “I thought it looked great, so we decided to embark on an adventure to see all of the top attractions that each county in Ireland has to offer, and film a heel-click at each location,” he explained on his YouTube channel.

Brian and Hazel proceeded to heel click their ways through each of Ireland’s 32 counties and the resulting video is excellent. 

Here are our favorites:

Careful there, Brian!

The ups on this one!

This is straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

Aran Islands looking lovely.

And who doesn’t love the Cliffs of Moher?

H/T Belfast Telegraph