New York Jets' Rex Ryan

The New York Jets need to fire Rex Ryan and soon if they are to have any chance of a successful franchise in the future.

Ryan has created a media circus with his dog and pony show in New York.

The last straw was the abysmal performance of his team losing to Tennessee last night in possibly the worst game of football ever played.

Ryan ruined the Jets from the start this season with his massive ego and media neediness overshadowing everything else about the team.

The Tim Tebow show was great for the peanut gallery but terrible for a team that desperately needed to settle down after last year’s terrible performance.

Ryan shook the confidence that was fragile to begin with of Mark Sanchez and Sanchez has come apart this season.

Against Tennessee he was plain dreadful and his future in the NFL, despite his contract, must be in severe doubt.

Ryan was successful the first two years at the Jets but he has very few new tricks after that and teams soon had his measure.

The Jets need to start over and owner Woody Johnson is a big time loser too. He spent most of this year campaigning for Mitt Romney and that didn’t work out too good either.

The Jets need new blood. It is the same old Jets under Ryan, the same old franchise that never gets it right.

Time for a fresh start.

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