12.26am - Brian Kelly says against Navy you've got to play physical and today his team managed to control the scrimmage.

12.22am - Another touchdown for Notre Dame. Brian Kelly all smiles as Notre Dame win 50 - 10.

A 9-yard scamper into the endzone by #NotreDame's Robby Toma makes it 50-10.

12.20am - Just under 2 minutes to go.

12.07am - As time runs out it seems that Notre Dame have this game tied up with 40 - 0 against Navy.

11.42am - Miller throws a pick as the game is only missing the final whistle at this point.

11.36am - After an incomplete pass and a run just short of the goal-line, Riddick goes in to the left untouched.The ship just sank Navy

11.31am - Shotgun run off left tackle goes for a first down at the Navy 20 yard line.

11.19am - Touchdown for Notre Dame.

11.16am - Gholson big pass to Niklas to the Navy 3 yard line.

11.17am - Brian Kelly takes a timeout for Notrre Dame.

Notre Dame's offensive line is carrying their offense. Navy can't touch the running game at all.

11.11am - Gholston misses wide open in the flat. Maybe feeling the pressure a bit?

11.10am - Cian Fahey tweets "Navy not going down without a fight it seems".

11.05am - TOUCHDOWN NAVY: EXCELLENT THROW from Navy QB Miller to split safeties through the middle for the 25 yard touchdown.

11.04am - Play action freed up a comeback on the sideline. Miller threw on time for a completion to the ND 25.

11.03am - Teams are back for the second half.

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10.40am - Half time. Notre Dame in the lead with 27-0. Navy lagging at half time.

10.38am - Navy attempting field goal before end of half.

10.37am - Cian Fahey on the ground reports that the Notre Dame fans are invading the press box to get a better view. The atmosphere is like a huge party.

10.24am - After short review another touchdown for Notre Dame.

Navy QB Miller hit in backfield, fumbles, Stephen Tuitt takes it 80+ yads for the TD.

10.23am - Ball at 25. Miller runs right for the first down. Likely to be an important drive this one.

10.19am - Navy QB Miller sacked for loss on third down. Penalty negates play and gives Navy a first down as defender grabbed facemask.

10.13am - CBS talks to Ireland's top rugby player Brian O'Driscollon the sidelines.

10.02am - Touchdown for Notre Dame. Score now at 20-0 to the Fighting Irish.

10.01am - Gholson attempted fade pass to Eifert on left sideline in endzone. Eifert out of bounds.
Incomplete pass is under review.

9.57am - Midshipman helped off field by staff.

9.56am - Heavy heavy hit on Riddick by Jordan Drake. Drake down on the field, doesn't look good. Medical staff are on the pitch.

9.50am - US Cheerleaders entertainment the crowd at quarter time.

9.47am - End of the first quarter. Score 13 - 0 to Notre Dame. Not a good start for Navy

9.41am - Our man on the ground Cian Fahey says this game could be a "blowout".

9.38am - TOUCHDOWN NOTRE DAME. Massive run by George Atkinson on a read option for 50+ yards.

9.37am - Riddick with a short run for 2 on first down. Followed by a run for six. Notre Dame getting a huge amount of production running left.

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9.30am - Navy's first pass is an excellent one for the first down.

9.26am - Taoiseach Enda Kenny talks to CBS on the sidelines. Speaks about the strong links between Ireland and the United States and welcomes Notre Dame and Navy fans to Ireland.

9.23am - Touchdown Riddick. Offensive line is killing Navy with runs to the left.

9.19am - Brian Kelly calls time out as Notre Dame are out of formation.

9.17am - Another quick screen, into Navy's half. Brian Kelly calling a great opening drive.

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9.11am - Crowd at the Aviva Stadium is going wild as Joshua Amoro kicks. off

9.07am - Notre Dame and Navy make their way to the field at the Avivia Stadium.

Brian Kelly talks to CBS on the field ahead of game. Says his team if ready to get back to college football and their happy to be in Ireland.

Watch the game live online on CBS here

PHOTOS - The Emerald Isle Classic, Notre Dame v Navy game kicks off in Dublin - photo gallery

Notre Dame take on Navy at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium today for the Emerald Isle Classic and IrishCentral will be there to give you live coverage of the event.

Kick off for the historic game is at 9am EST / 2pm GMT and it promises to be an exciting match.

For the Fighting Irish Everett Golson, a freshman, will start out in place of QB Tommy Rees, who has been suspended. The six-foot 180-pound player spent last season serving as quarterback of the scout team.

For the Midshipmen their going to have to build up their defense make up for last year’s defeats. In 2011 Navy allowed Notre Dame up to 440 years of offenses and an average of seven yards of play from scrimmage.

Notre Dame is favored by 17 points.

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