Prior to breaking out as the next big thing in New York, Jeremy Lin was the fourth choice point guard on the Knicks' roster with no guarantee that he would still be with the team from week to week.

Lin is now a sure starter for the Knicks, but the guard rotation in New York will be somewhat muddled once Baron Davis returns. Davis and other veteran Mike Bibby were brought in as the prospective starter at the point.

However, there was another youngster who was getting quality minutes at the position before Lin took over.

As Lin and Landry Fields start at both guard positions, the first man off the bench isn't Mike Bibby. The first player off the bench has been rookie Iman Shumpert for the most part. Shumpert was selected with the 17th pick in the 2011 NBA draft out of Georgia Tech.

So far in his NBA career, he has averaged over 10 points in 31 minutes per game. At 21 years of age, Shumpert may not be the most well-rounded player, but his shooting and passing ability are above average for such a raw athlete.

The return of Baron Davis, whenever he eventually returns, will create somewhat of a logjam of guards on the Knicks roster. If the Knicks choose to go with the veteran pair as backup opposed to the youngster, which is possible as they are looking to win a championship now with their own big three, Shumpert could be seen as a valuable trade chip.

As a versatile guard, Shumpert would be the ideal addition to the Celtics roster. His athleticism is outstanding and he brings a strong defensive game with an ability to attack the basket that the Celtics simply do not have right now.

Being so young, and having already shown consistency at the professional level, Shumpert has the perfect blend of potential for the future and ability to contribute now. Now that Rajon Rondo doesn't look like leaving Boston, a pairing of he and Shumpert moving forward into the future, with Jeff Green likely returning next year, the Celtics rebuilding process wouldn't be so intensive.

The Celtics won't be able to pry Shumpert from the Knicks easily. The probability is that they will either release Mike Bibby or Baron Davis before letting Shumpert leave in a trade. However if the Celtics can offer them the players to aid their short term future, they could be tempted.

Danny Ainge is an aggressive general manager, moving for Shumpert may not be reconfiguring another big three or adding the big name that some fans are calling out for, however it does give the team exactly what they need.

There aren't any centers who could be added before the trade deadline, the Celtics second greatest need is adding athleticism on the perimeter.

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