I first predicted over two months ago that Charlie Weis would be gone as Notre Dame coach. Now that it has come to pass, I feel no satisfaction, only anger at a great opportunity missed.

Weis should never have been coach of Notre Dame. He was an offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots and lacked the defensive skills to create a cast iron Notre Dame side.

Urban Meyer was ready to come to South Bend, but his wife could not be sure that she would settle there. Surely that could have been accommodated and if it had, Meyer would now still be coaching the best team in football - except it would be Notre Dame and not Florida.

Yes, Weis built a magnificent offense, but his team ended up as the 88th ranked defense in the country.That's practically behind Pluck U and Chicken State University.

How good was his offense? So good that despite the defense being the worst in college football, they could still have had an unbeaten season. They never lost by more than a touchdown this year and could have won the vast majority of their close games.

Weis had an incredible opportunity to build on Jimmy Clausen, Golden Tate and Michael Floyd, and he failed to do so. Now we will lose both Clausen and Tate as well, and the program is back to Ground Zero until the new coach arrives.

There should only be one name to replace Weis: Brian Kelly.  Cincinnati's head coach is the best in college football right now and he fits the Irish like a glove.

His feats at Cincinnati have confounded even the best estimates for the program there. He has Notre Dame in his blood and a Fighting Irish spirit in his heart.

The talk of Bob Stoops of Oklahoma is ridiculous. Outside Oklahoma and its shoddy recruiting practices he will be nothing. He had a lousy season this year. He is a coach on the decline

Kelly must replace Weis or Notre Dame is heading for another losing run.The fans have had enough of that.