Conan O'Brien is more Irish than the Lucky Charms leprechaun

Conan O’Brien is 100% Irish, and he’s got the DNA test to prove it.

In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, O’Brien recalled how he recently took a DNA test, and the results surprised his doctor.

I’m a guest on Stephen Colbert’s Super Bowl show tonight. His green room spread for guests is much nicer than mine.

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“I’m finding out new things all the time,” O’Brien tells Colbert before telling him of his recent DNA test.

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During a routine physical, O’Brien’s doctor offered to run a DNA test for him and called him two weeks later to deliver the results.

“I’ve never, ever, ever had a DNA result like this before,” the doctor told O’Brien, “and I’ve been doing this for ten years.”

O’Brien says the doctor told him “You are 100% Irish.”

“I've never seen a 100 percent anything,” the doctor told O’Brien. “I've been doing this a lot, I've seen 93.5 [percent], I've seen 96.1, I've seen 97. No one is 100 percent Irish.”

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The doctor even went on to tell O’Brien that people in Ireland aren’t even 100% Irish.

“The Lucky Charms leprechaun - true fact! - 11% Spanish,” joked O’Brien.

When he asked the doctor what the results could mean, the doctor replied: “What does it mean? It means you’re inbred.”

Watch Conan O'Brien on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert here:

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