Irish derivation: Ó Loingsigh.

Name meaning: "Descendant of a mariner."

Counties associated with the name: Galway, Cork, and Kerry.

Coat of arms motto: "Always faithful."

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Interesting Facts:

- Lynching, also known as Lynch law; named after Charles Lynch (jurist); a form of extralegal judgment and punishment, usually by killing.

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Famous Lynches:

- Benito Lynch (1885-1951, Argentinian writer of Irish descent)

- Eliza Lynch (1835-1886, mistress of Francisco Solano López, 19th century President of Paraguay)

- David Lynch (1946-, American film director)

- Jack Lynch (1917–1999, sports star and fourth Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland),

- Liam Lynch (1970-, musician, puppeteer, and director)

- Patrick Lynch (1715-?, Irish immigrant to Argentina and ancestor of Che Guevara)

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