Scott Lowder was a relieved young man when caught up with him Tuesday lunchtime.

The 14-year-old from San Francisco made his first appearance at the World Championships this week and came out smiling, even if a slight “wardrobe malfunction” tested his nerve during his debut.

Scott, whose parents Cheryl and Doug were there to cheer him on, is rightly proud of his showing. During the middle of his first jig, his shoe came off and the performance had to be stopped.

But Scott didn't let this deter him - he just picked up his shoe, put it back on and started all over again, knocking out a great routine.
His father laughed: "He performed 12 St. Patrick's Day dances, and his shoe never fell off once, but then he gets to the Worlds and there it goes!"
Scott, who represents the McBride School of Dance in Dublin, California, isn’t done for the week - he's performing in the dance drama on Sunday, the highlight of the week. There, costumed dancers will perform dramas in groups, each one with a specific Irish historical theme or story.
Scott is extremely excited to partake in this big event, and even divulged a little secret about the show. "I can't say much, but I will say this: you won't be able to recognize me in my costume!'