A celebration of the Irish for St. Patrick's Day, of Irish roots and holding Ireland closely to our hearts.

Though he was born on St. Patrick's Day, my father was Italian.  My mother wasn't, so I've always considered myself half Italian.  Turns out that's not exactly true.  I recently had a DNA test which shows I'm 71% Italian.

That makes me very happy, but there's something else that makes me very proud. My DNA also says I'm 7% Irish, and while it blows my mind, it explains my life-long love for Ireland and the Irish people.  Here I thought I simply held the Irish in my heart, while all along they've been woven into my DNA.

So if I may, I'd like to share with my Irish cousins - the O'Learys, the Donovans, the Sullivans, and the Sheahans - with whom my DNA is matched, and everyone who loves Ireland, this prayer I wrote some years ago when I never imagined the connection I feel so deeply is actually running through my veins.

I'm blessed.

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A Prayer For Ireland


Nancy Dellagrotta

May the sun always rise over Erin
May it dance brightly upon her sea
May it warm her hills and valleys
May the Shannon ever flow free.

May the shamrock carpet the fields
And the heather paint the land
May the dove of peace spread her wings
Across all of Ireland.

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