Sheila Langan, James Wilson and Fran Mulraney find out their Ancestry DNA results.

A little over a month ago, three IrishCentral staff members spat in special DNA kit vials and sent them off to be tested by Today we find out our results.

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Who's the most Irish out of all of us? Who's the most diverse? Where in Ireland do we each have the strongest roots? Where else in the world did our ancestors come from? Will there be any shocking surprises? 

Check out our Facebook Live reveal! We'll be sharing what we already know about our ancestry, reading the results out loud anonymously, and then attempting to figure out to whom each of the DNA Ancestry profiles belongs. We'll also be sharing some additional insights courtesy of For example, did you know that the average person from Ireland has 95% Irish DNA? 

Have you ever had a DNA profile done? Tell us what you learned in the comment section! 

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