Everything you need to know about the Irish surname O'Donoghue - its meaning, origins, interesting facts and famous people with the last name O'Donoghue.

Irish derivation: Ó Donnchadha.

Name meaning: "Descendant of Donnchadh."

Counties associated with the name: Galway, Cavan, Kerry and Cork.

Coat of arms motto: "Nunquam non Paratus" or Never Unprepared.

Interesting facts:

 - The family traces its lineage from the eleventh-century Eoghanacht dynasty of Munster, which participated in the battle of Clontarf in 1014.

Some famous O'Donoghues:

 - Juan de O'Donojú (1762-1821, last Viceroy of Mexico)

 - Bernard O'Donoghue (1945-, contemporary Irish poet and academic)

 - Florence O'Donoghue (1895–1967, Irish historian and military intelligence expert)

 - Ben O'Donoghue (1970-, Australian Celebrity Chef)

 - Danny O'Donoghue (1980-, lead singer of The Script)

 - Lowitja O'Donoghue (1932-, Aboriginal Australian civil rights activist)

Here are some interesting facts about the Irish last name O'Donoghue, including its history, family crest, coat of arms, and famous clan members.