America is dotted with place names that speak to the strong and vast immigrant foundations of this country. There’s Cairo, New York; Rome, Georgia; London, Arkansas; Paris, Texas; Berlin, New Hampshire; New Prague, Minnesota; Delhi, California; Moscow, Idaho – the list goes on.

Evidence of the influence of the Irish diaspora – 33.3 million strong, according to the most recent census data - stretches across the US from Belfast, Maine all the way to Menlo Park, California; from Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood to Erin, Tennessee.

Each day for the month of February we’ll be featuring an Irish place name in America, giving just a small glimpse of the many Irish stories throughout the American landscape.

If you live in or know of a city, town, or even a cul-de-sac with a distinctly Irish name and history, let us know in the comment section! There’s so much Irish influence to be explored.