Meet Irish-American cop Michael Counihan, also known by his Instagram handle “No Donuts Here”.

The hunky NYPD Police Officer could be the city’s hottest cop and this week he made his debut in The New Post where he shared his enthusiasm for personal fitness and beat back the stereotype of the donut-eating cop.

“At 5 feet 9 and 210 pounds of pure, rippling muscle, the handsome cop is bringing new meaning to the phrase 'New York’s Finest,'" the Post crowed.

Officer Counihan can reportedly bench-press 405 pounds, deadlift 675 pounds, squat 635 pounds and he visits the gym like he means it - five days a week for two hours a day.

His arms are now so big, he has to wear extra-large shirts to adequately cover his bulging biceps, though he says they’re tailored to snugly fit his narrow waist (and no doubt enhance the wow factor).

Talk about the long arms of the law. Officer Counihan has even been noticed by the city’s LGBT press where one commentator noted that Officer Counihan looks good, but donuts look better.

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