Irish Heritage Tree allows you to honor your loved ones by planting a tree or several trees in Ireland. Now you can order multiple certificates with your order to share your tree's dedication with your family or friends around the world. 

Launched in December 2020, the Irish Heritage Tree offers the Irish Diaspora around the world the opportunity to commemorate the spirit of a loved one, a blessed occasion, a family's deep connection, or a proud organization by planting a tree or grove of trees in Ireland. Perhaps you'll choose to dedicate a grove of trees to your family, now you can order extra certificates for each of your family members. Your entire family will be able to hang your certificates on your wall a symbol of your deep connection to Ireland planted in Ireland.

Irish Heritage Tree's planting is currently taking place in County Tipperary, near the Rock of Cashel.  Envision your tree as part of the pastures and woods of the breathtaking landscape of Ireland, surrounded by wildflowers, by pathways and rivers, near the sanctuaries of foxes, birds, and fish.

Ireland's Diaspora of 70 million+ is spread across the globe. Irish Heritage Tree gives them the opportunity to plant a native tree, their tree, and share this extraordinary gift with family and friends, be it in memory or in celebration.

Liam Neeson was the first to commemorate his family using Irish Heritage Tree. Speaking about the program, he said, "I believe this is an excellent idea that allows members of the Irish Diaspora to plant a tree deep in the soil of Ireland for loved and remembered ones." 

With Irish Heritage Tree, you can plant 1, 2, 5, or 10 trees. Your reason to plant the tree can be for a celebration such as a birthday, wedding, graduations, a newborn's birth, or any other joyous occasion. Perhaps you want to honor a loved one who has passed on or your Irish ancestry and your deep roots in Ireland. Your Irish Heritage Trees will be a lasting memorial and a wonderful real link to the island of Ireland.

Multiple Irish Heritage Tree certificates:

Now, with Irish Heritage Tree, you can request multiple certificates with each order. Simple select your quantity of trees (be it 1, 2, 5, or 10) and then add the extra certificates. Each order comes with one certificate as standard but now you can order extra.

For example, if you order five trees, one for each member of your family you can now order four extra certificates for each of them to have forever. Similarly, if you've planted 10 trees in honor of your whole family's connection to Ireland you can order an extra nine certs for each of them. You just need to add each individually if you would like different dedications on each additional certificate, otherwise, you can simply at the additional certificates by quantity if you'd like the same dedication throughout. 

Each additional unframed cert costs $14.99. Extra certificates with a frame cost $44.99. All certificates will be sent to the same shipping address. 

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