County Antrim star Liam Neeson has become the first to honor his family’s Irish roots by planting a grove of trees in Ireland, honoring his departed family members, with IrishCentral’s new venture

Irish Heritage Tree is for those who wish to remember, give a gift, or celebrate loved ones through planting trees on Irish soil in their name. 

"I am delighted my family are being remembered in such a special way, " said Neeson.

The Neeson Grove will be planted in early 2021. The trees in the grove will be planted in honor of his late wife, Natasha, his parents Katherine and Bernard, and his nephew, Ronan, who died tragically young.

Irish Heritage Tree is a subsidiary of IrishCentral, North America's leading Irish website. The planting site for the Neeson Grove will be in County Tipperary. The Tree Council of Ireland, dedicated to expanding Irish greenery,  is also advising on the project.

The first site for this project is located in Bansha, Tipperary close to the famous Rock of Cashel,  a site steeped in history and Celtic mysticism. Trees will be planted next to streams running from the Fadagtha river, a famous local waterway with ties to Saint Patrick.

Irish Heritage Tree Co-Founder and Founder of IrishCentral, Niall O'Dowd said “We are delighted that Liam Neeson, a towering figure in every way in Irish culture and arts, believes very strongly in the power of ancestral trees as a vivid memory, a symbol of beloved family and friends."

"Family stories bind us all and a heritage tree is a powerful link to both the past and the present." 

Speaking about the newly launched Irish Heritage Tree, Neeson said “I believe this is an excellent idea that allows members of the Irish Diaspora to plant a tree deep in the soil of Ireland for loved and remembered ones.

"The fact that it is also eco-friendly and helps turn Ireland green is very important. The more we learn about the life of trees the more we discover just how central they are to this small planet.

"I believe planting a tree in Ireland is a deeply symbolic and significant act, ensuring that generations before us will never be forgotten and generations to come will always have a living bond to those who came before.

"I am happy to be part of it and proud to be first. Family has never been more important in these trying times and a family heritage tree is a creative and thoughtful idea. I commend Irish Heritage Tree and the Tree Council of Ireland for their initiative.”

Liam Lynch, Founder and Co-Chairman of Irish Studio, speaking of the Launch, said, “Connecting with our roots has never been more vital than now. The Irish Heritage Tree is a way of expressing that love for home and Ireland that so many in the Diaspora enjoy. Whether it is to remember loved ones, celebrate new births, marriages and anniversaries, as a Christmas present or a St. Patrick’s Day gift, the Irish Heritage Tree is a powerful reminder to all of us the importance of our heritage.” 

Irish Heritage Tree is already working with the Tree Council of Ireland, a non-governmental voluntary organization that was set up in 1985 as an umbrella body for organizations involved in the planting, management, and conservation of trees in Ireland. Irish Heritage Tree will be expanding to several other sites in the months ahead,

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