A Northern Irish couple is planning Ireland's first graveyard wedding. The request has been made to hold the service in the Ballyclare cemetery in Antrim so they can exchange vows near a recently deceased relative.

The local Newtownabbey Borough Council is still considering the request

"A request has been made to the council for approval for a marriage ceremony to take place in Ballyclare Cemetery.

"The council can make a decision on the request after the 21 days," the local authority said.

Ulster Unionist councilor Vera McWilliam said she had "no problem whatsoever" with the request.

"I would have no hesitation in allowing this to go ahead and I would wish the couple many happy returns," she said.

"OK, so it's unusual, but people these days are getting married in the sky and under water, and I can't see the harm in it.

"Good luck to them. I certainly won't be voting against this request. Who knows what the couple's reasons are – maybe they want to be close to some of their relatives who have been laid to rest in the cemetery."

DUP councilor Victor Robinson said he could understand the opposition

"Personally I would not have any objections, but I would understand if relatives of those deceased who are buried in the cemetery would have some concerns," said Robinson.

"It's a strange one, but then again, we are living in strange times. As long as there isn't a big crowd and the cemetery is not demeaned in any way, then I cannot see why this wedding cannot go ahead," he added.

Sam Milligan the wedding planners, says he "could not see any problems" with a graveyard wedding.

"I don't really care where couples want to hold their wedding, my job is just to organize it," he said.

"I've never had a graveyard wedding before, but I did organize a Halloween wedding at Ballygally Castle, which is supposed to be haunted. The bride even had fangs fitted beforehand."