11th Mar 2013 to 17th Mar 2013

@rickoshea is a national radio presenter with RTE 2FM in Dublin since 2001 – he’s been working on the radio since he was an ickle baba of 19 (you might remember listening to him in another century on Atlantic 252 or FM104) and he’s presented a couple of telly things over the years. Nothing you’d want to go back and look up… He’s been a vocal national patron of the charity Epilepsy Ireland since 2006 and has had epilepsy himself since he was 16. He likes the books, the movies, occasional tellywatching, the travelling and the interweb in very small doses. He likes the quizzing and won Irish Celebrity Mastermind in 2012. He is currently not drinking alcohol for the month of March as an ambassador for Spunout.ie’s “Hello Sunday Morning” initiative, he’ll be spending the final few days of his curatorship in Boston for St. Patrick’s Day where he’ll be presenting his radio show. Ask him anything about Ireland, at least half of the responses will be made up.