30th Jun 2013 to 7th Jul 2013

Hugh Carr was born in 1997 in London, but after 3 months had decided enough was enough and moved to the Donegal Gaeltacht of Ranafast. He attended St Oliver Plunketts National School, or so he's told, as he has no recollection of the entire thing.
He is currently attending school at Coláiste Ailigh in Letterkenny, which is an hours journey away through the scenic hills of Errigal. While in Letterkenny, Hugh joined the local Youth Theatre, and generally regards this as the greatest decision he had ever made in his short existence. In the space of a year, he performed in front of Oscar nominated actress Saoirse Ronan, who described him as brilliant, and had a starring role in the original production, Johnny Baluba: Teenage Detective.
Hugh has a serious addiction to Football Special, a soft drink found only in Donegal, thats taste is incredibly hard to describe, but he swears its beautiful! Hugh has a varied taste in music, which goes from R.E.M to Eminem and literally everything in between. Hugh also listens extensively to podcasts, for as long as six hours a day.
He can be found at @hughcarrhere where he talks about movies that are so bad they're good, the sheer brilliance of the old Simpsons, and a psychoanalysis on the effect of tea on tired teenagers.