Central work of the mythological Ulster cycle re-enacted by a dedicated group who trace the route of the magical journey over 150 miles from Roscommon to Louth.

Of all the Irish sagas, the “Táin Bó Cúailnge” or the “Cattle Raid of Cooley” stands apart as a singular achievement of Ireland’s late middle ages. 

The central work of the mythological Ulster cycle, it features all of the ingredients of a grand adventure tale:  love, jealousy, epic battles, heroic deeds, supernatural powers and a journey over some of the most beautiful country in Ireland.

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The “Táin”, as it is commonly referred to, tells the tale of the warrior queen Maeve, her campaign to seize the Brown Bull of Cooley and the single-handed defense of the kingdom of Ulster by its brave champion Cú Chulainn.  It culminates in the fight to the death of the two most-prized bulls in all of Ireland.

Since 2011, this epic has been re-enacted by a dedicated group of hard-core history buffs who dress up as the principal characters in the drama and who trace the route of the magical journey over a period of four days and over a distance of more than 150 miles.

En route they are joined by local supporters as they celebrate the places of battle and the deeds of the mighty heroes.  This year’s event is scheduled to begin on Friday, May 18 in Rathcorgan, County Roscommon and will wrap up on the bank holiday Monday, June 4 in Carlingford on the east coast of County Louth.

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