The grave of Cindy, an elephant made famous by a photograph taken 42 years ago in Castlerea, Co Roscommon, has finally been marked thanks to local businessmen.

The Roscommon Herald reports that Cindy became a celebrity in June 1958 when the late Patsy Glynn Sr took a picture of the parading circus elephant coming out of Stephen Mannion’s Bar on Castlerea’s Main Street. Glynn’s photo appeared in several newspapers and in the Vintner’s magazine with the caption ‘customers come in all shapes and sizes.’

When the elephant died in Athenry in 1972, Castlerea Towns Trust offered a gravesite in the Demesne, and Cindy was buried there.

This year, Seán Browne had the idea to mark the grave site. With the help of local businessmen Benny O’Connell, John Keenan and stone mason Declan Hawthorne, Cindy’s grave was finally marked, 42 years after she was buried, with an epitaph written by Chris Kane from Williamstown.

The famous elephant’s grave-site has become popular with both locals and visitors.

Cindy the Elephant: Local businessmen contribute to mark elephant’s grave site.Roscommon Herald