Did you know that you can celebrate your Irish heritage by planting a native tree in Ireland? 

IrishCentral has teamed up with the Tree Council of Ireland to bring you the Irish Heritage Tree - a program that plants native Irish trees in locations steeped in natural beauty, allowing for you to root your connection to Ireland and your Irish heritage forevermore. 

Your tree will be planted in our rural farmland situated near Drimoleague in the heart of West Cork which is owned by Tim Daly.

His farm is a passion project focused on nature and creativity, with rewilding and regenerating the land being of the highest priority and is surrounded by landscapes of immense natural beauty. 

We're proud to say that as of last year, our original forest in Co Tipperary has now planted 3,500 native trees. The area has ties to St. Patrick, with legend claiming that Ireland's patron saint lost his tooth in the nearby River Fadaghta, which flows through the forest. 

This St. Patrick's Day plant your roots in Ireland 

John Purcell, who owns the 500-acre site, told IrishCentral that St. Patrick was rumored to have lost his tooth near the town of Kilfeacle while traveling all over Ireland converting people to Christianity. Kilfeacle is roughly two miles away from Purcell's farm and means "the town of the tooth" when translated into English. 

It's believed that St. Patrick stopped at the River Fadaghta on one of his many tours of Ireland and lost his tooth while he bathed in the river. 

"That river actually flows through our farm, so maybe St. Patrick's tooth has washed down to our farm. That's the legend, but there's obviously a bit of truth in it given that Kilfeacle is named after it," said Purcell.

This St Patrick's Day you can keep Ireland green and growing for generations to come by planting a native Irish tree and as each year passes its roots will grow deeper into the soil, a symbol of your everlasting connection to Ireland.

Check out IrishHeritageTree.com for more information