Irish derivation: O' Ceileachair

Name meaning: “Lover of company”

Counties associated with the name: Clare, Cork, Kerry

Coat of arms motto: Lamh Laidir An Uachtair “a strong hand from above”

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Interesting facts:

 - The Kelleher family descends from a nephew of Brian Boru.

 - There are at least four variations of spelling for this clan name.

Some famous Kellehers:

 - John Patrick Kelleher (1893-1960, Baseball Player)

 - Herbert D. Kelleher (1931-, Founder of Southwest Airlines)

 - Mick Kelleher (1947-, Baseball Player)

 - Robert Joseph Kelleher (1913-2012,Tennis Hall of Famer),

 - Humphrey Kelleher (1946-2005, Former Irish Footballer)

 - Billy Kelleher (1968-, Irish Fianna Fáil politician)

 - James Francis "Jim" Kelleher (1930-2013, Canadian Politician)

 - Victor Kelleher (1939-, award-winning Australian author),

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