The gorgeous Shelbourne Hotel in the heart of Dublin has a Genealogy Butler who can assist you in uncovering your Irish family history. 

At the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, you'll find the amenities you'd expect from a five-star luxury hotel - well-appointed rooms and suites, fine dining, a spa - in addition to something rare: a Genealogy Butler. 

Genealogy Butler Helen Kelly

Genealogy Butler Helen Kelly

Helen Kelly is the world's only Genealogy Butler.  One of Ireland’s leading genealogists and a member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland, over the last number of years she has assisted countless guests to unravel the threads of their Irish family history through her professional consultancy service. She has served as a consultant genealogist at some of Ireland’s Genealogical Office, National Library of Ireland and National Archives of Ireland.

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Kelly offers two varieties of consultations, a one-hour consult in which you will learn the basics of your ancestry and be provided with information and resource advice to begin your search, and a one-day guided genealogical tour for individuals or small groups where Kelly will guide your research at Dublin’s various genealogical repositories such as the National Library of Ireland, the National Archives, The Valuation Office, Registry of Deeds etc.

Kelly was recently featured on Good Morning America, where she described her role as "to empower guests to fill in the blanks of their Irish ancestry.

"I love the interaction with guests looking for their roots.

"I may not know everything, but with my 'Irishness' I'm well suited to point them in the right direction."

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