British stage and screen star Dominic West is raising his brood in an Irish castle - here's why.

West, known to audiences for his performances in hit shows like "The Wire", believes that raising his children in Ireland gives them a "far broader existence".

Albeit, the 48-year-old actor isn't just bringing them up in a regular property, his family is resident at the historic Glin castle in Limerick.

"Glin enriches my life and my kids' lives in terms of identity and continuum," he told House & Garden magazine.

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The hauntingly beautiful gardens at Glin Castle in Ireland are a fine example of gothic charm. Take a tour...

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"My children are surrounded by Irish wit and humanity. They have a far broader existence than they would anywhere else in the world," he continued.

"The house has its own spirit, which won't let us out of its grasp," added his wife, landscape designer Catherine Fitzgerald of her own experience growing up there. 

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The FitzGeralds give a tour Glin Castle, a property the family has occupied for over 700 years....

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"Growing up, my sisters and I roamed the place, making dens in the rhododendron bushes, climb­ing the Monterey pine and wading in the rushing, stony stream. The garden got under my skin - and for years it's filled my dreams."

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The actor joked about his 2010 nuptials to Glin native FitzGerald, describing the celebration as a "real hoolie". 
"The whole village was involved, with Thomas Coolahan, the publican, postman and funeral director, running the bar with gusto," he joked.
The iconic castle has been in the FitzGerald family for over 700 years. Desmond FitzGerald, the last Knight of Glin and Catherine's father, died in September 2011.
FitzGerald added that their family home, in which West's eldest daughter Martha from a previous marriage also lives, has its own "spirit".
After 700 years in the FitzGerald family, the property was on the market for $7.12 million (€6.5m) for several months in 2015. However, ultimately the couple decided not to sell, and instead planned to turn Glin Castle into a boutique hotel.
The storied castle has already hosted guests like Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull, and Talitha Getty during its rich history.