In just few weeks,on November 11th, the final day of voting for the Cliffs of Moher as one of the new ‘Seven Wonders of the World will conclude.

Cast your vote here.

The 700 foot sea cliffs are in competition with the likes of the Amazon rain forest, the Dead Sea, the Grand Canyon, the Matterhorn, the Maldives, Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and Table Mountain in South Africa.

The County Clare landmark. Ireland’s number one tourist attraction, beat out 400 other sites to make the short list of 28 sites for the all important designation.

Irish Prime Minster Enda Kenny and Irish soccer manager Giovanni Trappatoni are among those helping in the final push to make the Cliffs one of the new natural wonders.

Over 345,000 visitors climbed the cliffs in the first six month of the year and if it receives the wonders of the world designation that number could be easily over a million every year.

Local politician Pat Breen says it will be a close race pointingout that one billion votes are expected tobe cast before the contest is decuded.

“I would appeal to anyone who has not cast their vote for the Cliffs of Moher” to do so,” he said

The seven locations will be chosen by votes from the public all over the world over the next two years and the winners will be announced in 2011.

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The 28 finalists were revealed in 2009  at the New7Wonders headquarters in Switzerland.  At the time,  Bernard Weber, founder and president of New7Wonders, said, “This is an extraordinary achievement and the eyes of the planet will be upon the Cliffs of Moher and Ireland for the next two years.”

Katherine Webster, director of the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience, said, “So many people all over the world have the Cliffs as a special place in their heart. Even if they have not been here many people know of it and want to come here.

“We believe the Cliffs of Moher is a special place which truly merits Natural Wonder status and are thrilled that it has been recognized as a serious contender.

“We are also grateful for the nationwide support the Cliffs have received throughout this campaign. The entire country will reap the benefits if we win.”

The Cliffs are Ireland’s most popular visitor site, with almost one million visitors a year. They featured in thefilm Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Webster said they had worked very hard on promoting the Cliffs worldwide and thanked the thousands of visitors who had emailed and voted.

The competition began with over 400 nominees that were narrowed down in stages by both public vote and the votes of an expert panel.