Perhaps the loveliest thing about this video, filmed 113 years ago, is the fact that so little has changed. Walk through the streets of Belfast today and you’ll still see those jostling throngs, the shops, the advertising (albeit in a slightly different medium), the timeless business of an urban hub. We are the same, just newer.

It’s this human connection which ties us to our past, and family history records are like a window into that past. With every detail you discover, you build a clearer view of where you came from.  

The history of everyday Belfast is brought to life using the records on findmypast. Directories and almanacs such as "George Bassett’s Book of Antrim" (1888) and "Henderson’s Belfast Directory" (1850) will help you trace your Northern Ireland ancestors in the villages and towns of County Antrim. You can also use key Belfast newspapers from times gone by – The Belfast Morning News and the Belfast Newsletter to help you paint a picture of what life was like for your ancestors living in the city that built the Titanic. 

Watch the bewitching Ride on the Tramcar through Belfast (1901), from the BFI Archive:

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