Fear is lurking in there somewhere, but don’t let it override your common sense. Listen wisely to those who have been in your situation before and you’ll know what to do. Get out and enjoy yourself this weekend.


You may have to sit and listen to a friend in need in the next couple of days, and it might be the closest thing to torture, but you know it’s your duty as a friend to be there when needed. Keep your romance quiet for now!


You’ve been in the spotlight lately and you are most uncomfortable with it. Not everyone needs to have a vivacious personality. If you feel you’re out of your depth just step out of the water and people will understand.


Not everyone is honest with you. What you need right now is a friend who will tell you exactly how they see it. You might not like what they have to say, but as a true friend they’re only doing it for your own good.


You’re doing great financially -- that is, if you continue to resist temptation. The standards you’ve set for yourself are very manageable. Your goals will be met before the fall comes to an end.


Communication is the key to every successful relationship, be it professional or personal. It’s imperative that you get your message across, and to do so you need to be prepared. Spend time thinking your message through.


Every now and then it’s okay to spend a few dollars on necessary or not so necessary items, but don’t go too mad. However, there are certain necessities that are required, so leave the luxury items until you have a little more spare change.


Life may feel like a game, but you’ll soon wake up and realize that you’ve not set down any roots. There is no rulebook on how to live your life, but maybe it’s time you created some of your own guidelines.


The past is in the past and it’s definitely time for you to move on with your life. If you keep thinking “what if” then you’ll never move forward in the relationship you’re in now, and you’ll end up alone for a very long time.


A new job offer is worth contemplating. Make sure to do your homework before you have the interview. Be articulate and sure of yourself. And always remember, what’s for you won’t go by you.


Be prepared for a smart mouth over the weekend. You’ll be caught off guard, but look deep within and you’ll come back with an honest, thorough answer and at the same time witty. Do your homework on this person.


Talking about your job is fine over dinner, but talking about your job on your vacation with your partner is unacceptable. Know when to leave work in the office for the sake of your blossoming relationship.