I can't explain to you properly why I love you more than me but if you want to know some specific reason so I'm telling you.

I'm impressed with your peep and tepidness. One day you played with little children on the field I just stared. And the next day you helped the blind person to cross the road. Philosophers said that a helping hand is better than the prayer lips. From those days your hand is favorite to mine.

That day special for me when I proposed to you and you complied with a smiling face. Then I'm absorbed in your prettiest face. I felt affection only for you. God swears!

Your impressive behave I love it again and again. You're so innocent from my perspective. Because when we were eating at the restaurant I viewed you distributing some food to poor people of the street. And you also kind to the orphan children. That's was awesome! I love your generosity.

I'm intimate with you for this reason that my estimation works for you. I'm pleased with your characteristic. You're a loyal person in this world so I love you more. And love your humility and politeness.

You have the savings capability, you are not lavish of something. Is it not a good habit? Of course good habit. You'll save my love and adoration. Didn't divert my attention from you. So why will not I love you?

Your disciplined life is an exceptional reason to love you. Your daily routine is indispensable to the best career and d brighter future in your life. I'm fond of your natural features.

When we were walking in the park you took dust and clean the field, I asked you why you are doing this? You said to me warmly this country is mine, this country is us. To keep neat and clean our own country's environment it's our responsibility. Patriotism is my happiness for me. You know what I loved you a lot of those days. I'm grateful to you.

I prefer you to mine because I love you dear, my angel. My invisible love, do you see? My visible love, do you feel? I know you feel me, you feel my emotions. When your feelings adjusted with my feelings that's an amazing moment for us.

My adorable feelings don't work for others. I love you permanently. Your support is the most fruitful in our relationship.

I see you when I prayed, I seek you when far away. I am crestfallen when you angry with me. Everyday to listen to your voice is mandatory for me. If you stop communication I'll be mad, hopeless.

You have some extraordinary quality. You are inspiring to others easily, motivated to disappointed people, helping others to their trouble time, have huge courage, patriotism. The dormant power to take people's self. Where will I get to seek as like you? Are you realized love you for what?

You tolerate me some mistake that happens, unfortunately. You've hidden my foolishness then corrects me. Love your judgment baby. You are my good teacher so I respect you.

Sometimes I'm surprised how much arrangements you make for me occasionally and non-occasionally moment. You are my crazy lover whom I love forever. A lot of flying kiss only for you just at this time and unlimited kiss just for you all time.

Baby, you know me how I attractive to you. Your face, smile, hair, eyes, lips, body's structure, attitude, personality, and at all your everything is special and adaptable for me.

The middle point of dream and probability you are the bond of the path.
You're the power of my mind. You're like the bank where I keep my happiness, sadness, success, or failure. Your hand is safety support.

I'll love you every second of minute, every minute of the hour, every hour of the day, every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year, and every year of life.

If you stay with me so every day likes me as a golden shine. I'm missing you differently in the different weather. When the weather is hot I want to swim with you in the swimming pool. When the weather is cold or winter I want to hug you covered by my jacket warmly and tightly. Because my love is just for you. There is no doubt my breath.

You're my oxygen so I can't live without your support. I'm blessed when you were born. As a life partner, I can't imagine others without you. One day you hugged and promised me you'll never leave me alone then I wish if I'll give you all flowers in this world.

You said to me your chest is my shelter. I'm your mind mirror and you are a reflection. My name is your password of heart in that I also love you equal of the sea.

You prefer to be around thousands of people so love you willingly and sincerely. You're my unique friend who shares everything. Your merit, your creativity, and your activity helped me understand what's the real meaning of life. Your faithful affection helped me realize what's the true meaning of love.

Unlimited reason and unstoppable love only for you my oxygen. I want five 'H' qualities you'll be implementing in your life for e, for example, le Honesty, Healthiest, Happiest, Hopeful, and Harmony.

Whatever I like something you bring for me, You take care of me like my parents so I love you almost.

You can smile me a lot that's an awesome capability of you. I love you so that I can laugh with you forever. I have a bound of a dream for you.

Your touch creates warmth in my heart, your touch creates stimulus in my body so I love your touch. When your shadow falls on me then I become emotional.

You're a star in my life. Your company is exigent for me. Your prayer for me is conducive. So I love everything. I'm fascinated by your deportment.

You are resolute to me that you'll never leave me. So god swears I'll not leave you. And I'll love you practically even emotionally.

I see unlimited emotion and affection play on your eyes for me. So why I will not love you? I'll love you nonstop.

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